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Welcome to Desert Safari Abu Dhabi Tours

Follow the footsteps of the Bedouins a land of fairytale imaginations and mystery. It’s possible to delight in the desert in a myriad of ways reminiscent of the Bedouins automobile today. These activities are not the diversions that this land that is barren yet thriving offers. There are activities galore, including dune buggy riding dune bashing ; overnight stays with delicious BBQs and live belly dancing. There is no need to explain what awaits you, but just to give you heads up, you all will be bathed with thrill serenity and enjoyment all at the exact same time. Desert Dream Tourism ensures that this is the best mix. Choose from our desert safaris to experience the heart of Abu Dhabi, a land that is barren but flourishing with hospitality and fun. Our Abu Dhabi Desert Safaris are well-planned for you to get the most. Whether you want for a romantic experience, a desert sunrise or an overnight stay, contact us and we’ll supply the best to you.

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Desert safari abu dhabi deals

Desert safari Abu Dhabi bargain is! Desert Safari Abu Dhabi deal is a cheap package to sightsee the glorious Abu Dhabi city and dubai desert that is enchanting. This combo is our tour package that is best for travellers of all sort. Your tour begins when we pick you up. We will then drive down to Abu Dhabi, UAE’s capital city. You’ll love this drive where charm, passion and creativity is hidden. Your first stop will be Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. As the tour operator in UAE, your town tour is arranged by us conveniently and systematically. Our expert drivers will describe you the details of every attraction you are likely to visit, helping you to enjoy your excursion in the best possible way.


  1. Experience magnificent vistas, the culture and cuisine of the Middle East in your desert Abu Dhabi. With all your comforts catered to these experiences will take you on the journeys of the Bedouins throughout the Abu Dhabi desert sands. Ride a camel over the gentle slopes of sand, or hop on four wheels for some adrenaline-pumping dune buggy riding. For the dunes that are smooth boarding down, you can even grab a board. Your Abu Dhabi desert safari will also include a stop to savor delectable cuisine while local artists make the occasion all the more memorable with belly-dancing and traditional music.
  2. Abu Dhabi Desert Tour company is the best option for your most comfortable, authentic desert experience. We provide different kinds of desert safaris in Abu Dhabi, letting you enjoy the adventure of your choice, whether it be an overnight stay a romantic getaway, or only an opportunity to see the sunset bathe the desert in gold light. Nothing compares to the unforgettable experience of this desert safari Abu Dhabi, if you would like to go sightseeing in Abu Dhabi.

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