Spend an unforgettable night in the desert on this overnight safari and enjoy ‘glamping’ beneath the desert stars. Explore the Dubai Desert Conservation Explore the immensity of the UAE desert on this thrilling overnight 4X4 safari adventure.

Overnight Desert Safari


Stay at Overnight Desert safari

The cheapest way to spend a night in Dubai is the night desert safari. With the setting of the Desert Safari night, gives you an opportunity to live under the open sky with the bright stars. You just don’t worry about anything. After booking, we will take you from any location in Dubai or Sharjah and drop at your location wherever you want. First, a 4 × 4 Land Cruiser brings you to the World of Adventure. It will take a 30-minute road drive to reach the desert area, in it, take five minutes to prepare for dune Drive, once again, this exclusive Landcruiser pickup with a Highly professional safari driver in the exercise gives the best experience. Finally, Dune Drive ends with a Bedouin-style camp.

Overnight desert safari cost – idea to estimate your expenditures for the tour

This is our mission as one of the leading tour operators in Dubai. We offer the nighttime Desert Safari, which can give you a memorable dessert experience without breaking your budget. You can choose packages and you can also customize your trips according to your tour preferences.

Here is over Rates for Overnight desert safari

  • 220 AED per person (50% discount available)

Luxury Overnight desert safari Dubai UAE

Enjoy your comfortable heritage experience in the trip of overnight desert safari. With dubai desert safari you can stay in bedoun camp which includes all the activities as an extra evening program in Desert Safari Tour. You will be able to experience a wonderful sunrise and sunset view of the desert. Your bedroom camp surrounded within a traditional Royal Desert with bright flames of traditional lamps. You can also enjoy cultural activities like hand painting, music, belly dance, and Arabic coffee with dates before enjoying a wonderful dinner under stars. Enjoy a continental cooking bed meal. After dinner, relax near the alarm and enjoy the night filled with stars.

So you are a privacy seeker- Private overnight desert safari camping Dubai

Our company is happy to announce the launch of a new special luxury camp in Dubai for those who are looking for privacy and more discussion environment. The best place for new inviting groups and companies Celebrate their events and special moments. It is one of the most unforgettable and unique experiences in Dubai Desert. Special desert safari Camp is designed for up to 250 people, offering a lot of comfortable areas, special areas for children, prayer rooms and private tents. Overnight desert Safari Dubai will completely remove you from steady, crude and noise, leaving you out of your busy life.

One of the best Private overnight desert safari Dubai

Dubai’s Private Desert Safari tour begins in the evening. The timing and places are flexible because you have chosen a private desert Safari. Private desert Safari can be arranged by desert safari, hotels, Porsche Cruise Terminal by picking up from anywhere in UAE.

Private desert Safari Dubai is good for customers who want to find Dubai Desert adventure Safari in real bedroom style. Because private desert safari combines you with other companions without any specific desert cells. Customize your travel procedure with some special needs.

What about Overnight safari Dubai price?

Our company is a shelter in the United Arab Emirates for your vacations. Many services include in this tour, we offer you the best experience to find the United Arab Emirates’ lifestyle and culture. By visiting the awesome views of Dubai’s desert, we can take you through your life experience.

Here is our price schedule for Night safari Dubai:

  • 230 AED per person (30% discount available)

Desert safari overnight safari in Dubai UAE

Presenting a perfect balance of Emeriti culture, nature and adventure, this unique desert journey experienced a wide range of brightness and re-analysis during your Dubai vacation.

Night in the Desert – a great experience

Spend an incredible night in the heart of the desert, camel track, go to the sunset camp, and reach the camp at night. After that in the morning, we serve breakfast, shower.

Desert safari camp – a unique idea!

Desert camping in the Golden Arabian Desert is famous for its unique experience from all over the world, which shines in Golden Safari land and residential land to stay under stars. It looks outstanding but historical to explore Arabic culture and heritage which are protected since, the presence of small villages and people make a sense of time, their generation is experienced.

Overnight Desert Safari Camping

After seeing the sunset we will drive you into the Bedouin style camp where many more exciting activities, which you might be dreaming to do when in Dubai desert, are arranged for you. Each action has its own relevance and helps you to get to know Arab culture and lifestyle in a better way. This insight into Arabian life through different activities and recreation of Arabian life helps you to explain your loved ones, your experience of overnight Desert Safari Dubai in a thrilling manner!

Henna painting and Sheesha Smoking

Seen the gorgeous henna painting on people’s arms? Why not try it? Never met someone who would draw on it? Here in the camp, a professional painters will decorate your hands with beautiful designs. Later you can enjoy sheesha smoking. When you are at the camp as part of the overnight desert safari never miss trying henna painting and sheesha smoking.

Arabian Makeover and photographs with Falcons

Once you chose the gruesome desert safari Dubai, what was something you didn’t want to miss out? From our years long experience, we know that everyone who visit the desert, loves an Arabian make over. And here you get the opportunity to dress up like an Arab! Once you dress up like an Arab, we’ll introduce you to trained falcons. You can hold a falcon on your shoulder and click on photos. Your guide will take your photographs, so pose lavishly.

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai BBQ dinner

Meanwhile dinner will be ready, When you are seated for this luxurious BBQ dinner, tanoura and belly dancers will begin performing. These are the highlight of your overnight desert safari Dubai tour. Have your dinner at your own pace, watching the dance show.

Night in the Desert Safari Dubai

After dinner, if you want you can sit under the sky and enjoy the stars for a while or can visit the space arranged for your stay. You’ll be supplied with bed, mattress and cushions. Have a sound sleep recalling the memorable moments of the day and before sunrise be ready for camel trekking.

Camel Trekking Dubai

Wake up to the mystical beauty of desert. The desert will greet you to its pleasant environment with a gentle breeze. Camels will be ready, get on the camel and view the sand dunes waiting for the sun to grow. After trekking for about 45 minutes, we will return to an Arabic tent sitting.

Sunrise from the Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

After trekking you may be exhausted. So when you’re back to the tent, morning coffee will be ready for you. You can wait for sunrise patiently sipping the Arabian coffee. Dates are also served with the coffee. You can enjoy the sip of your coffee watching the way the sky is preparing to greet the sun. The beauty of rising sun is a stunning sight. The sun will gradually rise, spreading its rays in the right proportion. The view of the very first-morning ray is a special sight. Sunrise is a magical moment, so try to catch it on your camera. It is also possible to book morning desert safari Dubai tour for more spectacular sunrise views of the desert.

Arabic breakfast

After sunrise, yummy Arabian breakfast will be served. The dishes consist of Arabic beans, sausages, etc.. The lip-smacking breakfast can enable you to feel the Zestfulness of this morning and then we will drive you back to your resort and here ends your overnight desert safari Dubai.

Interested in a tour? Give us a call for you may reserve online through booking form or booking. Our service team will confirm the booking via email with details and pick time. For Urgent Click Whatsapp Number +971 50 832 2835

Inclusions of Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

  • Pick-up and drop-off from your chosen hotel/location by air-conditioned Luxury Car
  • English-speaking licensed Driver
  • Sunset Arabian Bedouin seating
  • Unlimited Mineral Water and Soft Drinks
  • Fresh Arabic coffee, tea, and dates
  • Falcon experience
  • 30 to 45 minutes Red Dunes Bashing (Available only in case you choose this option)
  • Tanura and belly dance show
  • Henna painting
  • Arabic dress for photos
  • Delicious open BBQ dinner buffet (vegetarian options also available)
  • beds, mattress, pillows & blankets, fridge
  • Arabic breakfast


  • Alcoholic drinks (served in the camp and can be purchased at that time)
  • Quad bikes (optional)
  • Important to Know Before you go

Pickup is available from anywhere in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. Pickup and drop off Times could be changed depending on Traffic and Weather conditions.

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai – STARTS @ 250 AED/ PERSON


  • 20 Minutes Quad Biking
  • 20 Minutes Camel Riding
  • 20 Minutes Dune Buggy Ride
  • Food On Table Premium
  • Air-Condition Vip Majlis

Explore desert safari Sharjah

Desert Safari Sharjah is an Awesome experience that will give extraordinary adventures to visitors. Wide sand is interested and it could be a memory that the visitors should remember. The sand will be carefully touched and hidden beauty in it. This adventure is one of the popular blessings of nature on humanity that every dessert should go to the river to bring troubles and drive to the sand dunes.

You can explore a lot of things like mosques, historical buildings, souqs, museums, and fountains. When you go for desert safari Sharjah. After the tours of Sharjah, It will become your favorite place to visit.

Amazing Desert Safari Dubai

There is no doubt about Dubai’s numerous recreational activities. Dubai Desert Safari proved to be an improvement in the services and occupied millions of tourists around the world. Desert Safari Dubai is the mainstream tourist magnet in Dubai. Many tourists and guests enjoy the desert safari. This visit is a stand-alone champion of leisure and joy in all the brightness of this wonderful charming city of UAE because it delivers and encourages the whole family and unique Arab style for all ages. In addition, they will be with you in the form of beautiful memories.

Remarkable Desert safari UAE.

Desert Safari is the only goal of the Tourist and it is to fulfill the dream of the best desert safari tour throughout your life. Our desert safari offered for the best places that are impressive and encouraging. We make sure our company will take you to places that are amazingly attractive and pleasant. We offer the best desert Safari Dubai, which is cheap and complete. We feel happy with the satisfaction of our customer. The whole journey is an encouragement because our staff is trained to laugh and engage you.

Explore the Desert safari Wikipedia

When you fed up from Dubai city and plan to spend a day in the desert, a country made of the highest desert, the United Arab Emirates gets the best floor to help the desert, which is just outside the city. Just make a booking and then our company’s vehicle will pick up and take you to the desert. You will be able to do lots of amazing things like; sand boarding, camel trekking, picnic, hot balloon rides, and appetizing BBQ Dinner for any other sign of human stability. Keep in mind that temperature from December to February remains 39 °C can decrease in June.

Best desert safari Abu Dhabi.

Visit to desert Dubai is a pleasant time for every tourist who is part of it. It’s a nice mixture of bold, fun and enjoyable. As you start the journey, you will be taken to the 4 wheel drive on the hill. As you participate in bashing which you will have a few minutes of fun. You can also get more fun and adventure because you drive the monster in the desert. After that, the desert ship will take you to a short ride. After that, the time to enjoy the beauty of nature is that you roast around all the mountain colors in the desert sunrise in the evening.

Recreational morning desert safari.

Morning Desert Safari is an excellent leisure trip to the desert in the early morning, which exits Dubai in our 4 × 4 vehicles, in which you take the stunning experience of the golden sandy desert. Dune Bashing is the exciting thing in the whole package that has great fun with buddies and someone who is very special for you. You can get an amazing experience at the moment in the desert and at the same time feel the natural beauty of Dubai.

Find best desert Safari Company in Dubai

If you are thinking about to visit Dubai, don’t think too much and call us for desert safari Dubai. We are an excellent Desert Safari Company in all area of Dubai and ranking the top tourist agency in the United Arab Emirates. Provides quality services according to satisfaction.

We offer different packages, most of which is Desert Safari Dubai. Tourists from all over the world enjoy an evening in the Arab Desert under the scattered sky. Unlike the Desert Safari packages offered by other tourism agencies in the United Arab Emirates, Desert Safari Company has provided a package at a very affordable price. All the services described in the package are high quality and will exceed your expectations.


FAQ for Abu Dhabi City Tours

Where is Evening Desert Safari y ?
Abu Dhabi is Capital city of UAE, the largest and most safe city in the world. Due to its strict law policies and Business opportunities you can settle here with family.
Is Abu Dhabi Safe for Tour?
Yes! 200% Safe for Business and Tourists. A lot of Attractions and Adventure is waiting for you at cheap rates.

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai Full Fun and Adventure

For all those who love this remarkable country, a trip to Dubai desert and understanding the Bedouin life style will be very intriguing and intriguing. In actuality, a trip to Dubai is incomplete without desert safari. This package includes overnight Camel Trekking, sunset and sunrise view; Bedouin style Camp, BBQ dinner and Arabian Breakfast. Because of this, Overnight desert safari Dubai is the ideal chance for people who really wish to learn about desert and its attractions.

Full Description

Our friendly and experienced guide will pick you up from the hotel by about 3:00 pm to your overnight desert safari Dubai. You’ll be seated comfortably in a modern automobile and will enjoy your drive into the desert for Dubai safari.

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

This package includes camel caravan with BBQ dinner and Arabic Breakfast. You will be spending an entire night during your overnight desert safari Dubai tour with us, seems interesting, is not it? It’s going to be a great experience. A variety of thrilling activities followed by a delicious Arabian dinner, then a perfect sleep in the character’s lap and then waking up to a fascinating sunrise view from the desert. Moreover, an Arabian breakfast to boost the spirit of this day! Woah!! Super excited.

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai Camel Caravan

As you get closer to the desert, you will see camels lined up. Get down from the vehicle and get prepared to see the desert in all its majesty. Your guide will arrange camel for your trekking in the overnight desert safari Dubai tour. Carefully, hop on the camel ordered for you and take around in the desert for about 45 minutes. Enjoy the desert terrain from camel’s back and ask your manual to click your own photos. You will be assisted by our guide to getting off and on from the camel. Now the guide will take you to the tent organized to see the sunset. Seat comfortably in the cushions and unwind with Arabian coffee, tea, and dates as you await the stunning view of the end of the day. As the sun prepared to set, you’ll be in awe with the view of changing shades of light.