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Evening Desert Safari Dubai Including Camel Safari for Family

Dubai Safari Camel Riding

Camel Safari in Dubai

Dubai Safari Camel Riding

Safari Camel Riding

Have you Enjoyed ever the back of Camel with your partner?

Do you know about Camel Desert Safari Adventure and Camel’s Nick name?

By taking a seat on the back of Camel Safari the oldest mode of exploring the Adventure of any desert in the world is camel desert safari with bashing is certainly an experience that is exhilarating but the uniqueness of jouncing atop a Camel is a peaceful and slow-paced pleasure. They aren’t just famous as the “ship of the desert” for no reason, ensconce oneself on the back of a Camel and enjoy an elevated view of the surrounding. A Camel can go places where the motor-vehicles may not browse. You are also taken to the Camel farm on the sightseeing tour and after the camp where you are able to try activities like Quad biking and sand-skiing etc..

Hours: 08:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Overnight Desert Safari

Overnight Desert Safari

Safari Deals for Overnight

Planning to make a beautiful Desert Safari Deals.
The desert at night feels just as described in the famous book”The Alchemist.” You have to plan a desert safari in Dubai to find a genuine sense of wanderlust and euphoria When you haven’t read it. An desert safari in Dubai includes staying in the desert in the camps. You embark on a ride in the dark when the evening safari vehicles have left the desert. You will be able to see the stars in the desert at night.

Highlights: The extraordinary jeeps will take you to attractive and the sandy slopes sandy hills. Travel brings out. What’s more, you’ll be awestruck by the view of the whole region. You will find many different Arabian beverages after you reach your hotel. Enjoy a delicious barbeque dinner.


Desert Safari in Dubai is one of the sought after actions that are action-adventure that excites travelers before they have arrived in Dubai. Desert safari Dubai has best offers to meet this desire, Novel Hummer Desert Safari (Flat 10% Off) or go for Red Dunes Desert Safari @55 Only.


Dubai was a piece of sand before it was turned into a futuristic city with modern technologies that are high-end and brilliant architectures. And tourists magnetize from around the world. Famous as the pearl of the Gulf, it has everything. Recognized as a property of buildings that enable you the perspectives of cityscapes that are fabulous, Dubai’s desert is a stretch which offers sports and endless fun.

Dubai’s coastline is hemmed in by a number of pristine beaches and the contrasting desert is sure to leave you stunned with its sight. Moreover, it is not wrong to say that your trip to this UAE gem is incomplete before you embark on some of the accessible desert safari tours in Dubai- make it a slow journey on a Camel ride, a dune bashing trip at a 4×4 vehicle or a heart-thumping hot air balloon ride. The purpose is to witness the desert in its entirety in spite of the manner you chose for the pursuit.

Evening Desert Safari

Desert Safari Evening

Evening Desert Safari

There’s never been a sunset that would fail to cast a spell. Day Desert safari in Dubai is a chance to see the skies burst in all shades of yellow and red amid the expanse of amorphous dunes. Perch on the back of a Camel soak up the evening breeze as you bob with each move.

One electrify every living cell in your body and may also take a drive. Evening safari’s third type is famous as the land rover- which is a hot air Balloon ride. Once the desert exploration trip gets over, you are taken to desert camps. An assorted collection of cultural programs want to entertain you while you devour in your BBQ dinner.

Hummer Desert Safari

Hummer Desert Safari Deals

Desert Safari Hummer

As you set off on an enthralling drive you’ll discover yourself gliding at a good clip. The play of 45 minutes can bring your heart as the Hummer bashes the dunes. Post hummer desert safari ride, sit back and enjoy a Bedouin-inspired setup that includes delish BBQ dinner together with hookah and cultural shows like fire dancing, Tanura dance etc.. Hummer safari is the most famous rides in Dubai which may require you.

Hot Air Balloon Desert Safari

An early morning ride on the Hot Air Balloon imparts an uninterrupted view of the sunrise which blazons the dunes. From the desert tours in Dubai, a hot air balloon ride is the only one that gives you a bird’s eye view of the rustic beauty and takes a trip. If you are a sucker for sunsets, hop on an evening safari ride and look out for gazelles and Oryx in town. The 60-minute long aerial safari accommodates about 24 people at a time. The balloon operates as stories are recited by a guide about

Dubai’s present and past. Once you land, you can participate in a range of desert actions, among which is the cliche act of getting clicked while the bird of UAE- the Falcon, sits on one of your arms.

Highlights: On this amazing hot air balloon safari you could pick overnight safari with a gourmet breakfast and the sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride. The best abandon safari organization, Platinum Heritage of Dubai works Every one of these safaris.

Morning Desert Safari

A morning desert safari in Dubai is excellent yet they have a longing to explore the dunes. The half-day tour commences early in the morning before sunrise. You spend the leg of the trip watching the first morning rays of sunlight. Later the tour involves myriads of actions like Camel ride, ATV ride, sandboarding, and sand-skiing etc.. Radiance of the morning sun is a sight to behold, especially when you are in a desert.

There are possibly three ways to indulge in a morning desert safari in Dubai. First is the 4×4 safari ride that needs no introduction; second is the classic appeasing Camel ride, and the last- a slide in a Hot air balloon.


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