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Top 13 Things to do in Dubai Safari Park | Go to Dubai Zoo

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Top 13 Things to do in Dubai Safari Park | Go to Dubai Zoo

Dubai Safari Park is home to over 3,000 animals, and is the latest attraction in Dubai with more to come.

Replacing its 1,000 animals and Dubai Zoo, Dubai Safari Park is sprawled across 119 hectares. The animal sanctuary aims to provide a educational and recreational attraction for international and local animal species. Some of the animals have been given from zoos, or rescued for rehabilitation.

You’ll find displays distributed across different’villages’, which you may travel between via vehicles. These villages include the Safari, Asian, African and Arabian Village. Is the children’s zoo, entry plaza, Al Wadi and service areas.

How much ticket for dubai safari park Location & Area?

For those who wish to have the day out in the heart of the desert city, Dubai Safari Park is all set to provide wildlife experience that was authentic in over 119 acre center in Al Warqa. The first of its kind in the UAE, the notion of the park is far beyond ensuring an amazing outing for people, as its prime purpose is to provide an exceptionally secure and undisturbed environment for its occupants including rescued animals, through its cutting-edge conservation and rehabilitation efforts.

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Dubai Safari Park Most Poppular Villages and Animal

Within its four different sections: Asian Village, African Village, Open Safari Village, and Arab Village with a Bedouin oasis, you will see more than 2500 inhabitants covering 250 plus rare species that are almost at the edge of extinction — all conscientiously obtained from various zoos throughout the world. Displaying a wide diversity of habitats and culture, these sections will effortlessly transport you to the fascinating landscapes of African savannah and Arabian steppes while allowing you to engage in many activities like camel ride, falconry, hunting dogs etc.. Don’t miss the chance to feed giraffe and ride elephants.

Why to Go for Dubai Safari Park

The park’s most exciting part is the safari experience in a safe vehicle that is powerful. This will bring you incredibly close to the freely roaming animals at Open Safari Village, such as ferocious Bengal tigers, wolves, hippopotamus and much more. What is more; it contains a crocodile exhibit which is the first of its type in the world, besides the biggest lion and elephant exhibit that is drive-through of the UAE. Where you can spectacle raccoon shows and intriguing binturong a 1000-seater theater is also.

The project’s scope of work includes the construction of park covering hectares of land situated in Al Warqa fifth area, along Al Aweer Road. The park will host an array of recreational amenities, loading docks and animal shelters and will replace the old Dubai Zoo. The park to house over 3,000 animals of different species.

Dubai Safari Park Offers

The park will include 80 hectares (ha) of dedicated space for villages representing different areas of the world, in addition to a valley and children’s park. The valley, supported by solar-power, has been set up at an area of 7.5 ha and will include a waterfall, a stream and a lake for fish, along with wooden bridges to connect both sides of the valley.


The project contains a wide assortment of cultural, recreational and sporting events in addition to a 1,000-seat theatre within the projects main construction.

The project includes 8 Significant Zones:

  • Entrance Plaza
  • Children Zoo
  • Arabian Safari
  • Asian village
  • African Village
  • Safari Village
  • Al Wadi
  • Service Areas

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